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Raised on country music and Rock 'n' roll, and with a consistent professional career spanning multiple decades as a multi-award-winning solo recording artist, Heidi is well known in the music industry. Heidi has also produced and performed the highly acclaimed sold-out Passion of Amy Winehouse, along with headlining many successful show bands, covering multiple genres. This musical history has influenced her gutsy, energetic, emotional, and passionate performances.


Scott Patrick is recognized in the Canadian country music industry for his acclaimed songwriting, guitar work and trademark lead vocals for the multi-award-winning and very successful Saskatchewan born band,Wyatt. He is widely known as an “A-list” session player in the studio world, and in the festival circuit, also, as one of the top musicians and back up vocalists to support fellow artists' shows. 


In addition to their duo work and co-writing, Heidi and Scott perform in numerous projects together. This continues to solidify them as the top entertainers and vocalists that they are. 




With incredible stage chemistry and professionalism, Heidi and Scott can bring a hush over a crowd in a moment, or create the most effortless rockin’ fun, feel-good vibe. 


A collection of favourite covers made up of creative grooves and vocal arrangements, along with jaw-dropping original songs - that you can’t stop singing! - are featured in the live shows. 


Heidi and Scott have been known to shake things up for a great Acoustic Dance Party as well. 




The original songs Heidi and Scott have written together are heart-wrenching, real, gritty and fresh, rich in the traditional, new and eclectic genres that have influenced their music. Munro & Patrick's songs are filled with great hooks, catchy melodies, profound and honest lyrics and relatable storylines. 


Influences in these songs? A little Chris Stapleton, a little Motown, new pop and southern rock, with some Emmylou Harris and the blues. 





A very special stage production including songs from the 1976 hit movie with Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson and the 2018 smash hit film that took the entertainment world by storm, featuring great hits by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. 


This stage show can include a full band with strings and horns, or scale it down to a smaller group.  


With a great set and vintage look, the best musicians, a killer rock 'n' roll vibe, and trademark vocals and chemistry, Heidi and Scott nail this performance. 

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