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Revisiting A Star Is Born 1976- 2018

Produced by Heidi Munro

Musical Direction by Scott Patrick

Drawing deep on the pleasures audiences discovered in the 1976 and 2018 versions, Saskatoon’s Heidi Munro and Scott Patrick take audiences on an emotional free-wheeling journey by bringing the music hits of Streisand and Kristofferson, and Gaga and Cooper to life. Including the greatest songs that continue to evoke undeniable emotion and energy,“Revisiting A Star Is Born” is pop music, love songs, big band, and straight-ahead rock and roll.


This dynamic musical ride will showcase the timeless, chill-inducing hits that have dominated the music world, and truly hit the sweet spot with fans of all ages.


Featuring an all-star 11 piece group featuring some of the most seasoned and A list musicians, Revisiting A Star Is Born 1976- 2018 stars two of Saskatchewan’s most celebrated artists, Heidi Munro and Scott Patrick.This performance can also be scaled back to a smaller or more intimate group


Even after multiple decades as a performing artist, Heidi Munro continues to prove herself time and again with dynamic, passionate and powerful vocals. She is a captivating “no holds barred” performer, songwriter and producer of great musical endeavours. With having a reputation such as this known throughout western Canada, and in the music industry, Heidi continues to seek projects that create opportunities for musicians and artists and stirring experiences for audiences.


Scott Patrick is widely known as the ultimate professional in the music industry, a stellar vocalist, top-shelf in-demand musician, bandleader and musical arranger. Patrick is known for his trademark vocals, songwriting, and lead guitar work with the highly successful Saskatchewan group Wyatt.

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